Our value?

Our aim is to provide you with first class legal services and we will always give it to you straight. Our price is therefore absolutely transparent.

3500 CZK/hr.

Our services mean legal support in every situation. We will not be surprised by any situation in your life or business. We will always be just a call or an e-mail away and we will fight for you like lions. Every case will be managed by a group of people that will pick apart every last detail of it. We are not scared to take the roads less traveled and pick one that suits you the best. We will never leave a stone unturned until we find a satisfying solution for you.


We are professionals and perfectionalists.

We will explore all known and unknown ways so that we will do not miss even the slightest detail of a case. Solutions lie in the easily overlookable small things.


We can solve all imaginable legal issues.

Quite a few lawyers and quite a few specializations. There is enough of us so that we can provide you with specialists for various areas. Business, personal matters, IP, property management, healthcare... no area is unfamiliar for us.


We meet deadlines.

In law, maybe even more than enywhere else - time, deadlines and schedules are imporant. That is why we react immediatelly and why we meet deadlines.


We communicate clearly and understandably.

The language of lawyers can tangle a head. You understand your business, you do not have to understand the secrets of legal lingo. We always give it to straight so that you know what is going on.


We maintain long term relationships.

The longer we work for you, the better we understand your needs. Thanks to long term relationships we can tackle problems even before they present themselves.


We see solutions in places in which others tend to get lost.

There is always a solution. Sometimes a solution is new and innovate but effective and beneficial for you. We venture the unexplored areas of law and use them for you benefit.


We anticipate the non-legal risks.

We also keep close watch over the financial outcome of a case and its impact on your personal well being. We will take care of things working out for your benefit and to your satisfaction.


We take care of both - business and personal matters.

We take care of your business running day-to-day. We also give the same energy to inheritance settlement, setting up a trust fund or publishing your book.


You just do not need anothe law firm.

You know that you can always count on us. Once we take over a case or a client, we give it all we got and we take it all the way.

Enjoy the comfort of your own lawyer that does not hesitate to intervene and give you a helping hand.

Certainty, quality and time saved. We know what is important.

Looking for top of the class legal services?

Let us know.

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