We enjoy law,
You enjoy results.

We are an established law firm that has more than a quarter of a century of experience. We take care of both business and personal matters of our clients and you can meet us in Brno, Prague, Ostrava, Hradec Králové and Bratislava.

You tell us what bothers you, we solve it.

We will help you face all the pitfalls of business and business law. We will lend you a helping hand when it comes to assets management and personal matters and when it comes to medical law, construction law and IT, we can offer you top notch services. Thanks to a broad team of lawyers focused on different legal specializations, you will always have professional support.

What we do


We are professionals and perfectionalists.


We can solve all imaginable legal issues.


We meet deadlines.


We communicate clearly and understanably.


We maintain long term relationships.


We see solutions in places in which others tend to get lost.


We anticipate the non-legal risks.


We take care of both - business and personal matters.


They just do not need another law firm.

Our clients trust us.
They have these 9 reasons:

Our value

The relationship between an attorney and his clients is based on mutual trust, especially in todays society made of glass.

Milan Vašíček

Twenty-five not just legal specialists

Law is a world for the brave, creative and determined. It is not only a spiritless routine full of byrocracy. Law is a wrestle of the intellect, a battle of thoughts and eloquence both inside and outside of a courtroom. Lawyer has to be able to choose both a beaten track and a track unexplored. 


All of the above said requires both expertise and experiences — and we possess those.


We consider it an utmost necessity to identify and understand the individual needs of our clients in the broadest possible sense — both the legal, economical, organisational and personal needs.

Who we are