Insolvency and execution

We will represent you in enforcement, insolvency and discovery proceedings. We will help you with the recovery of your debts and your claims. We will stand up for you, whether you are in the position of a creditor or on the other side.

What can we do?

Assisting creditors with enforcement titles: judgment, payment order, promissory note, electronic payment order, European payment order, enforceable notarial deed, administrative decision, block fines...

Recovery of debts: assessment of recoverability of debts, pre-court stage of recovery, securing the initiation of court/adjudication proceedings and their conduct, enforcement of debts...

Collective debt recovery

Insolvency proceedings: legal advice, insolvency petition, preparation of claims application, representation of the creditor or bankrupt in the proceedings...

Representation in the recovery of claims for damages and claims for unjust enrichment

Law of bills of exchange: issuing bills of exchange and their enforcement, representation in discovery/execution proceedings...


And many more...

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