Healthcare and pharmacy law

We represent medical facilities - clinics, surgeries, centres. We will help you from the first symptoms of the foundation. We will take care of contractual relations with patients, employees, collaborators and suppliers and be a support in the daily operation. We will not be overwhelmed by yet-to-be-introduced, innovative drugs and procedures. Are you involved in publishing? We will also provide legal support for this.

We're fair.

That's why we don't represent patients in disputes against healthcare facilities. They are our clients and we consider it unethical to use practice knowledge against them.

But disputes with the ministry or insurance companies are different. We are happy to support patients in problems with reimbursement of medicines or treatments.

What can we do?

Representation of healthcare facilities

Formation: form of incorporation, contribution of business, transition to LLC,...
Operation: leases, contracts with suppliers, contracts with employees and collaborators, contracts with insurance companies,...
patients: healthcare contracts, informed consent, GDPR
relations with the medical, dental and pharmacy chambers
relations with the State Office for Drug Control (SUKL)

Patient representation

Disputes with insurance companies: reimbursement of medicines and medical procedures,
disputes with ministries

And many more...

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