Gambling law

Gaming law encompasses everything from company operations, to brand protection, to the complicated processes of permitting and communicating with the Ministry of Finance.

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Industrial and copyright

  • Trademarks: logos, names
  • Industrial rights: design and program of automatic machines
  • utility models
  • Patents
  • copyright infringement
  • competition and unfair competition

Company operations

  • company formation
  • Company structure
  • relations with the Ministry of Finance
  • notifications, permits
  • employee relations
  • suppliers of machines: work contracts
  • lease
  • permits and related administrative procedures
  • administrative infringement proceedings
  • preparation of gambling house regulations
  • liquidation of companies

Online games

  • player accounts
  • public terms and conditions
  • poker tournaments
  • online gaming rules
  • Promotion: contracts of work, works of authorship...


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